Whether you are looking to get involved in the business of horse racing through participation, betting or merely spectating, it is essential to know your way around horse breeds. The Arabian horse is among the most superior compared to many modern breeds, and they have large eyes, a distinctive head and face shape, a high tail carriage and long necks. Their unique appearance makes them easily recognisable, and attractive, to those who race or ride as a hobby. Arabian horses originate from the Middle East, hailing specifically from the Arabian Peninsula, and dating back as far as 4500 years. They were popular in the past for war and travelling, and were especially praised for their physical endurance, to be able to travel long distances without tiring. Today, they make for an excellent choice for jockeys and are often seen participating in the most prestigious races around the world, as well as many equestrian competitions and shows.

Racing on an Arabian Horse

A rider needs years of training, fitness, a license, and most importantly, a quality horse like the Arabian breed. The jockey competing on this horse has to possess qualities such as determination and patience. The Arabian horse breed is very versatile, and responds well to discipline, making it an excellent choice for a jockey. The owners have to be strict when training this horse, as they are known to be highly intelligent, and tend to outsmart their riders. However, once taught, they develop respect for their owners, and make for a comfortable and trustworthy companion. They are also known to win hundreds of competitions, that make the industry what it is.

A World-Renowned Breed

Although initially found in the Middle East, their appealing characteristics, (which place them among the top ten breeds in the world), have spread this horse across the globe. They can now be found in countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South America, and various locations within Europe. Several of the most famous horse breeds have been compared for years, with an equal amount of people in favour of multiple options. However, the Arabian horse, with its superior genetics, temperament, intelligence, grace, and stamina, has aided in influencing the entire industry of horse breeding and equestrian sports. Their genetics can be found in the majority of breeds today, and have played a significant role in creating the quality and calibre of superior horse racing breeds across the world.