Jockeys are indispensable to the fast-paced sport of horseracing. By developing a unique rapport with the racehorses, jockeys guide these graceful animals down to the tape. Jockeying is as old as horseracing itself. However, it has moved from being just a hobby to a career choice for many people. Read on to see how you can join this prestigious club of horse jockeys.

Develop an Interest in Horseracing

The most important step towards joining the jockey club is to develop an interest in equestrian sport and a love and respect for horses. Horses are at the centre of horseracing, and you can’t be a good jockey if you fail to understand this noble beast. Take time to attend horseracing events held in your vicinity. You will be thrilled by what you see there.

Take Jockey Training Courses

Becoming a jockey is more than just watching horseraces. You need to enrol for jockey classes at a recognised institution. This will help you understand horseracing in both theory and practice. Besides, by working with accredited trainers, you will be in a position to learn from the best teachers available.

Choose a Role Model

Young jockeys just starting out will find it helpful to find an experienced jockey for mentoring purposes. These relationships provide much-needed encouragement and assistance. Working with experienced jockeys also provides rookies with valuable networking opportunities.

Take on an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships provide great opportunities for up-and-coming jockeys to get a feel for the nature of the sport. By working with old hands in the industry, young jockeys get plenty of hands-on training and experience. They can also experience the thrill of the track at minor races, as they prepare for larger races later on in their careers.

With enough practice and experience, you too could join the prestigious club of horseracing jockeys.