There are many different sports which provide some great opportunities for betting on. One that is one of the oldest for placing bets on is horse racing.

Tips for Betting on Horse Races

For those who are new to betting on horse racing, it can be most exciting but also a little confusing at first. The first thing to actually learn is the different types of bets which can be placed. This may seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

Straight Wagering

This is the easiest type of wager, to begin with for new bettors, even though there are still some options such as:

  • Win: With this bet, you are betting on the horse which is going to come in the first place.
  • Place: This bet if you land a winner will be the horse which comes in first or second.
  • Show: Here if the horse bet on comes in the first three places then you are a winner.
  • Across The Board: If you are feeling fortunate, then this is three different bets on the horses which are going win, place and show. It is a straight combo wager with the stake being across the board. It is more expensive to place this type of bet, but the potential payout is much higher.
  • Win/Place, Place/Show: A little more complicated and its four bets in one as described in the type of bet.

Exotic Bets

Once you become comfortable with straight betting, you may want to advance into more detailed betting sometimes referred to as exotic bets. Every country has its own distinct terminology for bets, but they all basically mean the same. Some examples of this type of betting are:

  • Exacta
  • Quinella
  • Trifecta

There may be others, but this gives you an idea of how simple wagers can progress into more complex betting.